Saturday, August 16, 2008

P 3 A N U T's F A R E W E L L


Looks like our summer here at [ AYeCh EL ] is official over..
HarlemLIVE was most definitely the place to be this summer & if i could rewind this summer & do it again i would.
All the arguments, competitiveness, victories, loses, & team work here were well worth it in my book; it only makes you a stronger person in the end.
I will be leaving here with more knowledge, charisma, and public speaking skills than i came in with.

First Amendment..smh..what can i say about First Amendment ??
We did it baby !!
&& even though we didn't win the war, the [liddo] battles that we did win were amazing !!
This is by far thee most creative team here and i am so happy to have worked with you all.

Isis, Dacia, Alfredo, Shaquoya, Adam, Tyvon, Frankie, Michael, Charisma, Teonica, & Day-Day..i can honestly say it was a pleasure to have met and worked with all of guys friggin' rock & i'll never forget you..[unless of course i get hit on the head & catch amnesia..but what are the odds of that ??] >Love..Peace & Dance to you all<

To Selly, Shem, Rich, Kareem, Chris, Waarith, & everyone else..i thank you for investing your time in guys are pretty darn can pat yourselves on the back now..[no one's looking] :)

special shout outs to:
Ambush && guys are cool to0..& competition wouldn't be competition without you guys..
&& rumor has it that i might even come back during the school year..hmmm..we'll see..

" Goodnight..Goodnight..Parting is such sweet sorrow..that i shall say goodnight, 'till it be 'morrow"
-Romeo & Juilet

..and with that i bid you all a goodnight..
-P3ANUT aka Shafonda
keep in touch with my aim [ayo0peanut]

Friday, August 15, 2008

My last blog

Today everyone is having a great time today. People are dancing WILDLY to the music and eating. I hate it rained because it I got wet and there are puddles so I;m pretty sure those folks with sandles are pissed today. I also hate that my umbrella got messed up because it doesn't seem like this rain is going to let up. I will be going to school this fall even though I have thought about deferring enrollment until January and take the sat over again and score at least 1700 and apply and re-apply to Seton Hall since that is the school I want to go to anyway. Well I will think over the weekend because I got to finish faxing more information to Utica before I go and take a medical evaluation. I will be perfectly happy. Hopefully I won't have to deal with no reckless POT HEADS or alcoholics anymore. Since certain populations will be smaller at these schools I will not have to put with people and their ignorance about certain ethnic group and certain races. Hope everyone be successful in life or make changes in their life so they can be successful. "Remember where you are doesn't determine your destination."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


* sniffle * I cant believe that our time together is nearing its finale. No more waking up early to see HL, no more Rich acting weird, no more Coco coking, or Cellie being Cellie. Sorry Shem, no memories with you. But on a brighter note I might be able to come back next year,probably wont be the same group but I guess it should work out. But most of all I'm going to miss the best team ever, AMBUSH............ SIKE. Every one knows FIrst Amendment is was and forever shall be the best organized and overall best group. Despite our differences we learned how to del with them and work as a team and get things done. Although some of our stuff did go "missing" so to stay we still strived for excellence and achieved it. I feel we understand what it means to be a team and work together, and not to mention how to rely on each other and I feel thats what this is all about, experiences.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hey Harlemlivers

We are getting ready for our presentation. I know our team is going to blow the presenters away for this presentation. I'm so glad that we have a few days left even though I'm going to miss some people. I think I will over look some of the trivial behaviors  of certain people with in the organization. I will be glad to go back to school and start a new chapter in my life. It's always good to start a new chapter. Good luck everyone.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I M B A C K !

today was a good dhay.
had lots of fun!!
had a great lunchbreak!
[spent it wit hubby.]
team is mad bhut it was worth it.
i did too keynotes && a video so there.
plus im cominq baq latah on to dhu more.
well im outti now.
[need a shirt foh tomorow.]

P.S [get ready foh tomorw!!!]


Laredo's blog is SO true. (and not even cuz Adam and me are close.) but brad did start and keep going. brad is always bothering somebody to keep himself entertained. I'm cool with him now but I'm sorry Adam had every right to defend himself at the point that brad got physical.


I had an okay weekend because I only spent 2 hours at HARLEMLIVE and the rest with my family. I have to speak about the situation on friday. It was not that serious to be talked about. From what I know Adam only puinch Brad 1 time? What is that? It's not like Brad was knocked out cold on the floor or had a concussion. A real beating consists of someone walking away with multiple VISIBLE BRUISES or SCARS. No one's shirt was torn, no one didn't have blood pouring from there head. Hell there was not even a bottle involved in this. What type of fight is that? Someone just got hit and that was that nothing else. Moreover, I believe some people in here act too immature especially those over 18. If y0u can produce kids and have intercourse, you should not be poking people or starting pop conflicts with people that you can't finish. Also this week will be over soon. Heeray, chevere, & wuepa. I will be starting classed next week. Thank you GOD.

Thinking Back On My Weekend

Thinking Back...Memories. This weekend was crazy. I went shopping shopping and more shopping. I went to Staten Island Mall on Saturday with my two besties. First Stop Macys to get my sexy ass kicks. And I was so freaking tight when these people didn't have my damn size. I dead could of cried. It's all my friends fault for making me get a different color because they had my size in the color I was going to get at first. I was so tight. I really couldn't even find much to match but I found this litlle thin burgandy jacket at mandees or whatever. I bough a couple of sweaters for the fall from stupid ass H&M or whatever. But to skip ahead in time I had to rush to the Macys downtown Brooklyn before it closed to get my snekers that I have yet to get by this time. AFter running for the train and my friend made it just in time to grab the sneakers and pay because they said they was closing in 5 minutes while I was in line about to purchase. I didn't even look at the sneaker to make sure it look good and wasn't damaged I was just happy that they even had my size. So YAYYYYYYYY I got tghe sneakers after like 1 month of wanting them. On SUnday I was suppose to get my hair done but I changed my mind since it was suppose to rain or whatever and THANK GOD I DIDN"T because after accompanying my mommy and my grandmother at the nail salon whil walking to jimmy jazz we got caught in the rain. I went to bum ass jimmy jazz and they didn't even have nothing appealing to my damn eye and all I came in there for was some fucking jeans. I was mad tight. Next I went to Atlantic Mall to Office Max to go school supply shopping. IT WAS SO COOL. ONCE AGAIN I GOT THE HOTTEST MOST COOLEST SCHOOL SUPPLY IN THE FREAKING WORLD> MY SHIT IS OFFICIAL. Well THat WAs My weekend that Im so happy about my weekend. I came in here with SMILES and NO FROWNS. Lol. But seriously though,

Recap Of Friday

Since Shafonda already wen into detail about the fight there is no need to talk about it more in detail. i just want to say that that shit was so freaking funny and the fact that Louisa was there with her video camera made the situation more halrious than it was. Anyway Friday I was so happy because the weekend was right there. My ass was waiting for Friday since Monday. Lol. Work has been so freaking stressful and aggavating lately but surprisingly Friday wasn't like that. It was so much fun and crazy. From Shafonda and Dacia being inspector Gadget and shit and then the whole Brad and Adam thing. OMG. Unfortunately since it was suppose to rain I wasn't trying to go any where and get caught in the rain so I actually for the first time went straight home after work. I was so freaking shocked myself that I was actually going home. And then to top everything off I got home and my mommy wasn't even home I was so sad. Yeah Right. Also Friday night I went outside in front of my house with my neighbor and we was chilling or whatever. And he bought me ICE CREAM from the ICE CREAM TRUCK (that comes on my block every night between 10:30 and 11pm) YAYYYYYYY! It was so good and yummy.

This morning...

Well today's another day.. Lol ( guess that means I have to redeem myself) Nothin' much to say, but that there's a lot of work to do... Oh yeah, I have to redo my five week essay thanks to certain situations that happened on Friday. Damn. But what ever. I'll do it again. I am glad that I did my college essay. Yay me!! OMG presentations are tomorrow. That means, I have to come up with my personal statement and my part for our music piece. wow.. so much to do, so little time. I'll keep u posted.>>:)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

tyvons blog

august 9 2008
yesterday was the funniest day ever. adam was the star of the day after the fight that he had with brad. well actually i dont even know if you can even call that a fight because brad didnt even fight back. what made it so funny was that chris got more bruises than both adam and brad and he was only trying to break up the fight. besides that yesterday was pretty boring.

Friday, August 8, 2008

P 3 A N U T P A R T T W O

Today was the craziest day at HarlemLIVE....EVER !

Okay so after I had my crappy morning..the afternoon rolled on by.
A few of my team mates &&*. I were outside kickin' know..doing work on the laptops when suddenly [[[EEEKKKKKK!!]]]
A metal chair quickly scraped back causing my face to wince at the sound.
I turned around and what do I see ??
[[[DunDunDUNnNnNnN !!!!]]]
Adam aka Fists of Fury was pounding repeadly on to poor Brad aka Bradington's face.
The lights came crashing down flashing their brightness until they hit the hard cement ground.
Like others I was Shocked but yet fascinated by how Adam changed from this laughing, joking guy to Evander Holyfield in under 3 seconds.
I still don't really know why it happened..I think it was something about an umbrella.
But anywho0....
After what seemed like eternity he was still at it..So it was now time for Super Christian to the rescue !!!!!
He ripped off his shirt at an amazing speed, revealing the big SC [super chris] embellished on his chest. He swooped down from the clouds to try and break up this mess when suddenly Fists of Fury threw him against the brick wall.
All the citizens of HarlemLIVE gasped and told him 'you can do can take on Fists of Fury !!'
With his little bit of strength he stood on his two feet and single handedly pinned Fists of Fury up against the brick wall.
Fists of Fury was no match for Super Chris' muscles of steel and slowly withered away, back into Adam.
Bradington, who was ever so grateful, calmly brushed his shoulders off and went inside to surf the web.
The citizens of HarlemLIVE were once again safe thanks to SUPER CHRIS !

*note..some actions were blowin outta preportion for your viewing plessure
&&*. on that note..
until next time


i like Harlem live. i like certain people(Cele, channellya, coco, Shem, ward, dushawn, Laredo, Fatima, shafonda, Adam, and i really like Matt.) but besides those people, who are older and alumni, i feel like I'm around a bunch of ignorant wannabees!! they always do something dumb, or are extremely fake. i never saw the point in being fake around people, it serves no purpose. the people that i tend to click with here r people that enjoy and embrace being real. i love people like that. then i know when I'm talking and working, its really them.
Laredo has rubbed off on me alot, for the good. with out meaning it, he taught me to never hold back any feelings, but do it in a professional manner. i love his "f@ck the world" attitude.

i would come back to harlem live.
the site didn't bring the problems people did.
and there's always bullsh*t at a job
learn and live.

P 3 A N U T

not really in any type of mood today
had a terrible morning and im just trying to get over it
maybe later i'll be better
until then


Toady im happy.
Im hungry.
i want fries.
Today we ned to worq on alot of thinqs tday.
I hope we can get all done.
&& today idk wats gunnah happen w sum othah thinqs.

Our last friday

Today is our last friday together and we have to make the best of it. I have to finish up these last articles and finish typing up my resume and five-week essay. When I called my school I could not believe their system went down so my counselor wasn't able to tell me what other things I needed to turn in. I hate that I wasted all this time instead of being more responsible and having things turned in right away. Well I will do better later on in life and be more prompt. I was really thinking about all the money to go to school for one year and I was skocked because I didn't think of all the bills, travel expenses, and other necessities that go along with being independent. I know I'm definitely transfering after the first semester or year because I don't want to put out all that money for a school that don't even have great monetary funds for their students if I would have paid attention I would have went to Niagara University instead even though I probably would have still transferred because their school is really good for business major instead of liberal arts and humanities. Things will go in my favor.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Day Before Yesterday





hello fellow people.....i love this team so much but i found out today that some people r not producing as much as others. and that disappointed me a lot.  i expected more from certain people.
and it turned out that the people that i didn't expect to do much, blew my mind, that's included  my self.

I'm proud and disappointed.

Things are going

Our team is going great. We are getting things done. Hopefully Dushawn post my story. So I can get some credit. I have to finish this process for my college because I totally for got that I needed a medical evaluation before I go to college. I have already sent the housing contract. Only thing that was on my mind was to get a loan because I didn't notice all of the other bills that I will incur such as a meal plan and other little expenses that I didn't think of. Moreover I have to do an entrance interview online. I wish the counselor told me all of this when I spoke to her in June. SOME PEOPLE NEED TO BE INFORMATIVE OR QUIT. Also we have to get all our videos and SOME people NEED TO GET WORK DONE. We will knock the competition out the door and have content.


Another day, well today i have been posting stories as always i hope we win tomorrow even though i won't be there because i have to go away for the weekend. i think we can get everything needed done this week so that way we can just relax and enjoy the last days i think. well, thats it for now write back later. 

P 3 A N U T

today we might go out to get some footage for our tv show
we have Harlem Live Flow as our team to video tape...they are so0o0o0o boring so we might have to improvise and make stuff up
keep ya posted
until next time

Tyvon's blog

july 7 2008
this week was so fun i still cant believe that i got to meet rev run!! i went to the today show and abc in one week who does that. not alot of people i know. i am so glad that my program hooked me up with this job. i have learned so many thing since ive been here and i am looking forward to learning many more things. i reeaally think that they should go to the morning show at channel 11 because i think that would also be a great learning experience and also i always wanted to go to that morning show since i was younger.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wat A Day..[SaysDacia.]

Today was a very good day.
but Isis leavs. [SAD].
i spoke to dhe governer today!!
[&& it wasnt even my story.]
our team is so...
the perfect imperfection.
we have so many problems but yet we are so...
i love this team!!!


Ok well its not really tight-ness, im just kind of sad. my grandma just came from florida a couple of days ago and i was pretty happy. So as usual me and my mom are having an argument about her excessive smoking, and my most constant reference is "remember what happened to grandma". My grandmother had to have open heart surgery and it was because of her excessive smoking as well and my mmo just wont seem to listen too anyone. i just finished having a talk with my step dad conerning my moms smoking and hes pretty pissed. We are always talking to my om about the same sh!t and we only do it for her best interest. I know its a normal problem now a days in famlilies but driving me crazy. Life ids too precious and my cousin Patrick had to find that out the hard way. He was murdered in front of his little brother. Worse sh!t can happen to you then just dying by lung cancer because of ciggarettes, but tha doesnt make it right to shorten your life either way.

Chocolat3 Kiss's Last Day 8/06/08

My last day @ Harlem Live wil b n emotional 1... Il miss it here sorry cnt say the same 4 NY itself... So much drama here n im not wit it nemore not here at Harlem Live but eachday cussn niggas out teln thm 2leav me alone n it got annoyn, family problems n other personal problems 2, I tried 2do my best 2 keep it professional but I broke dwn a couple of days ago,
me missn home n my boyfriend is really takn a toll on me it
feels lik im goin insane...
my blog yesterday was me jus lettn out some of my frustration
I dndt mean 2offend ne1 especially Selly, u bcame a bigg sis 2m3 while I was here, understandn me n where I was comn frm I thank you 4 tht..
Rich... Rich, Rich, Rich... He was aggravatn, n annoyn but he has bn a bigg help in everyway thanks Rich...
My t3am m3mb3rs... I love each n every last 1 a ya'll dead ass frm the bottom of the heart, Shafonda, Dacia, Adam, Shaquoya, Frankie, Loredo, Michael, Tyvon, Teonica n Charisma
I love ya'll n I pray everythng goes well 4 ya'll in skool n in ur lives...
Well I say good bye 4now love ya'll ya digg... Dueces
~1st Amendment~ ~Chocolate Kiss~

Again at HL

There is not to many people here at Harlemlive due to the trip to ABC. I'm going to finish typing the other articles that I have to do and get this over with it. I hope we will be able to complete this presentation even though it doesn't seem like it due to all the tension in here. Hopefully we have a good presentation this week and everything gets done. I hope these email-editors manage their time so they can take at least 20 minutes to edit these articles so we will be able to post them and get credit. Hopefully everything goes alright until this media challenge.


well, today is a new day and im at work i guess its safe to say we're at the calming period of our lost everything is going right we're getting  along again for the most part.. but yeah im just here doing work as always trying to get my points up to be in first. i've been moving up in the ranks i cam in second last week hope fully ill come in first.

P 3 A N U T

working on some video editing for our tv show..

be back with some more writing later

until next time

D a c ii A

oh em gee.
today i hope thinqs runs smoothli.
the stress factoris turninq up a whole lot!
erbodi has der attitudes more often && more & more people are givinq up.
I love this team but all dhe drama got to go..
yes yes we are upset about thinqs && maybhe thinqs are unfair but hey..dhats life.
then you die.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In retrospect, he..

Omg. He's so fed up.. He beleives that there is so much controversy, its hard to think. He hopes nothing happens tomorrow. But he's tryin to hold everything in till he ticks like a bomb then explodes in certain people's faces. Because honestly, he's at his witts end with certain people here. But on diferent note, he is happy here and wants to make the best out of his experience. He thinks that blogging is a waste of time if it separates team members and destroys the whole intentions of HarlemLIVE. WhaT B.S..

This is for Rich and others

I'm so tired of you trying to stir up controversy with my blogs. Everytime you read my blogs, you trist the tone and the intention of what I write. Second I'm tired of people spreading false mess{ Hope that wasn't offensive}about me because if you can read and comprehend, one would know I didn't refer to everyone as a MONKEY SLUT. One could see that it was intended for a select group of individuals. Third outside of HarlemLIVE one can hear much worst. People can hear folks talking about sucking and other stuff. So please build up your skin. Third my blogs are different from Articles because an articles consist of facts and blogs consist of opinions. Moreover people in here don't have virgin minds or ears. THEREFORE KEEP KICKING BRICKS. Richard! Grow THE HELL UP.

R.I.P Teonica


We lost one

Unbelievable we lost a member of F.A maybe its sign for us to step it up who knows? But, after losing Teonica due to issues with the staff  but i think we can let it keep us down we need to use that to make us better as a team and come together as a team its like we're falling apart day by day and thats not good i think this one loss really is getting to people which is not cool man lets keeep together so we can win these last two presentations and end this summer on a good note.

Whut A Hell Of A Day.... 8/05/08



Don't hate on my STARDOM (especially you, FRANKIE) People already hating just because they wasn't on tv. NBC IS SO FREAKING COOL. Everybody there has been officially announced as my IDOLS. Everybody Justin and Hoda introduced us to were so NICE. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH for the opportunity and everything. All day I was thanking Justin constantly I think he got tired of it but I was determined to let him know how appreciated, happy, and grateful I really was. We met Ron Allen a correspondant who travels all around the world reporting stories and whom recently was just working with Hilary Clinton in her election when she was actually in the race. We met the Vice President of NBC and producers and the whole nine yards. YEAH I WAS HAPPY I WAS ON TV or whatever but even if I wasn't on TV it was still extremely fun and cool getting an exclusive look and tour of NBC studios getting these special priveldges normal people without connections don't get. Oh yeah I just remember while we were on the set of the Today Shoow with Hoda and Kathie Lee we seen and met REV RUN from RUN DMC and his wife JUSTINE SIMMONS OMG. It was so freaking cool. Fatima crazy ass was about to have a freraking heart attack, I was about to faint and smile myself to death, Naiquan over there handing out his damn business cards, and freaking Tyvon thought he was poppin talking about how he about to bag LMAO. MEMORIES. AUGUST 4TH, 2008 IS A DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET. I HAD SO MUCH FUN. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY? WHAT A FREAKING DAY? 


Whut A Hell Of A Day.... 8/05/08

We Freaking Loss WTH Yo

I know I'm like mad late and shit with this blog about Friday's presentation and all but better late than never. I was in such a sh0ck that we freaking lost. URGGGGG! It gets me mad days later just thinking about. Anyway YES I UNDERSTAND why we did kind of lose of whatever because we didn't go so much into detail with the topic or whatever but we basically did that last time at another presentation we talked about music and stuff  but regardless last week we still covered music of the summer but just with how music made us feel. Yo regardless if it was off topic our shit was too freaking hot not to be able to win. But whatever it is what is is I'm not hating. SHOUT TO HL FLOW for winning but between HL Flow and Ambush I thought Ambush was going to take it.  But it dont even matter because FIRST AMENDMENT is still the freaking best baddest and coolest freaking team out there regardless if we in second place or not.

This Team Is Bugged.

Oh Em Gee.
idk what people are talking about anymore.
We have ups && downs.
&& please no fitinq.

This Team Is Bugged.

This team is buggeed11

Memories Of A 10 to 10 Day At Harlem Live

Thinking back to Thursday, July 31st gets me so freaking angry. I was literally at Harlem Live all freaking day long from 10am to freaking 10pm. Since I was #5 on the Top 10 I got invited to a free game of bowling to Harlem Live. I was mad hype. Especially since I LOVE bowling and on top of that it was FREE you know I was in there. Lol. Even though I had to take some money off my debt card to pay for the bowling shoes it was all good. I felt mad homeless that day because I left all my bread at home because I wasn't trying to spend any.  Also I won on the girls side in bowling by one whole point I was mad hype Louisa came mad close to beating me BUT I WON. Yay! I got home mad late to at like 1:30 in the morning. Do you know where I live? I live in BROOKLYN and its dangerous out there at that time of night so I made my mommy pick me up from the train when I got to BK :-). Thank You Mommy, You Saved My Life. Lol. Just Joking. Oh Yeah and I forgot to mention the journalist guy Antione came to help me with my art gallery article and told me to get these quotes from these people. Urgggggg Not Again I want to be DONE already :-(

I'm back

If we wouldn't get GOOF POINTS for not doing these blogs I wouldn't bother because people in here stay at folks about what they write. It's like a tumor in someone's breast when it come to these blogs. Oh what you said? Who are you calling a monkey slut? It continues everyday. Moreover some of the individuals in here have worst attitudes than TRANNIES. Yes I said it and if you have a problem with it because you believe this describes you then suck it up and die because I don't want to hear it. Also what I say shoudn't offend anyone unless they feel it describes them because if people didn't depend on the lousy public education system then you would have been able to comprehend what was written instead of jumping to conclusions and saying "there is a place and time for everything". The only reason why people are angry at my blogs because I EXPOSED some of the flaws of COLORED FOLK and WHITE PEOPLE are able to read it.

P 3 A N U T

First Amendment: fur-ss-t uh-mend-muh nt Noun; an amendment to the constitution of the United States guaranteeing the right of free expression; includes freedom of assembly, press, religion, and speech.

Blog: blah-guh Noun; an online dictionary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a web page also known as a Weblog.

Controversy: kon-truh-vur-see Noun; a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion.

..with that being said, I would
personally like to voice my opinion..
as you all may or may not know, I am not one who looks for drama but what happened yesterday was a little over the top. i felt like Teonica was just voicing her opinion in her blog that she wrote over the weekend and her losing her job over it seemed kinda stupid. Yes she said "she's done stressing her self over this job" and "she feels we are being pushed to make HarlemLIVE website look better", but when you read what she's saying then you would know at that time that's how SHE felt. She just voiced HER opinion on HER blog because that's what we are supposed to be doing. How can we say "it's your blog, you can write what ever" but when we do just that we are being penalized for it ? 'Alfredo' is right when he said it's a "double standard" and Isis is too when she said "people get upset when you step on some toes." I think that we all may step on a few toes in life because if we didn't we would never make it anywhere and we'd all be stuck in the same box. When rules aren't clearly outlined, how can we break them ?
In 'Alfredo's' blogs he clearly expressed himself in a way that made people question both him and his did Teonica
he felt disrespected and he spoke out against the people who made him feel that did Teonica
I can not speak on her behalf but I'm sure she didn't mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable or put HarlemLIVE in a position to fire her.
Hopefully she's doing better in her new environment and I wish her the best of luck.

And no im not trying to disrespect anyone but this is just how I feel.
I'm sorry if anyone is taking offense to what I wrote
untill next time

Today w/ Dacia.

So far things have been okay.
People [including me] are still upset that our member Teonica had got removed from the group.
I think her getting fired for using her FIRST AMENDMENT right.
Yes some of the things that she said may have been uncalled for, but this time I did not think the punishment did not fit the crime.
As I said before, I do understand why Rich & Celly would be upset but I think they could of handled it better. 
Instead of putting her on blast, I think they should have a private meeting with her explaining to her what she did. 
Things could have been handled much better.
I just wished that a chance could have been given.
[Esspecaily when chances were given out before ]

well thats all..


Today, I feel kind of annoyed because of the the drama going on in this place. Why cant people just say what they have to say and not be persecuted for it? Or if so why cant people be all treated equally?? In my opinion, I think that Teonica needs to be guided into some type of different direction. She's simply misinformed. Some things where said in both blogs that didn't have to be said..But yet only one person had to be called out for it. Loredo, Teonica. Two different people, two different minds and opinions. Its not that I want Loredo to get in trouble, I just feel like what he said was a little too harsh and there was a time and a place for that. This was not the time or the place. As for harlemLIVE itself, I think that what's expected of us, is a bit over the top. I mean, come on we have mandatory items we have to do, we have chores, we have to get an essay and video for another team, get our own story together, remember to post blogs while remembering that we have deadlines.I'm not complaining, simply stating. Wow its a bit much dont you think? But Im going to try the best that I can. Plus, we have to put up with people's attitudes and uncalled for remarks and certain gestures... Oh it gets me mad..

Today at Harlemlive

I'm going on an interview with this guy at the Harlem Community Justice center. I have to make up some questions for the interview because I barely know anything about the organization. I will put the organization in google to see anything about it. I hate I wasn't able to do this doc but oh well life goes on. At least I don't have to hear anymore of these dumb questions such as" Are you Colombian?". Opps I hope I didn't offend anybody when I said DUMB because there are some extremely false sensitive people in here because I really don't feel what happened yesterday was necessary. I see it this way if someone talks trash or be disrespectful and it can be excused so why people can't write how they feel. Again I will not be shutdown because its my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT. I'm a citizen.

Monday, August 4, 2008

D a c i A Says whattuh dai.

today was full of shocks.
i hated today. [well dhe part where our team member got kicked off.]
i think people dont understand first amendment.
sisnce they dont bhe w us 24/7 they dont see the tru us.
we may not seem productive, oranganized, or even a good group,
people may say they dont wwant to bhe here but i dun think it shuld bhe taken personally.
when people feel like they're ganged up on && fell like there [or there team] is a target of course they are goinq to vent.
Thinqs not meant are always said out of anger.
they may be the wrong things to day, but nuthinq is said purposly.
I just wish that this team member got chances like some other employees.
Yes they have not done the same thinq, but they did get chances.
You all may not see the work they dhu, or even see the efforts but dont jugde a book by its cover.
[&& if i was to look in erbody's folder doubt erone has AT LEAST three stories.]
&& i cant say who, but i have heard people say [because they were angry] they were goinq to leave this job.
things can get VERY furtastinq, but you have to look at dhe whole picture.
I hope as the "MAN' or "WOMEN" reads dhis they can at least think about givinq dhis member a chance.
Just think, somthinq has to bhe specail about dhis person to dhe team becawz erbody keep fitin foh dhem.
[sumthinq dhat maybhe u just dun see.]

essecailly our lost member Teonica.

[&& .i sinq off w/ hearts. &&]

Let this be known pt.2

To clear any discrepancies about my blogs on Saturday and Sunday especially after the meeting is that I wasn't talking about EVERYONE that went on trip to the MOVIES. I wanted to write this because I don't know if some people can't read or like the drama but it was obvious if you payed attention to the ending it stated that " if I have a problem with somebody I don't need a crowd". Isn't that obvious that someone approached me and had included someone else? Damn. Second a person was talking about how I made a reference " about disease carrying monkey sluts"and they wanted to know who I was referring to. It's very obvious that someone was making comments about AMERICANS and I was referring to them. If you felt offended and I never spoke to you personally about it then you probably feel the same way about Americans and probably talk mess about everyone you come across. Again numerous individuals felt very offended when I made comment about non-black looking people having a benefit, to further question why is someone getting offended then I will pose these questions: Why do you consider everything that is GHETTO is black?, Why do you sit there talking about how you proud to be black, but you sit there saying how certain skin complexions and bone structures are better than the other? Isn't that a little contradictory. Some people have very messed up interpretations about the definition " NIGGER". The word basically means anything bad or not proper. Second I grew hearing the word in a negative way. I would never sit there and say "whats up my NIGGAH, NIGGER, or NIGGA because I don't consider it an affectionate word and I don't believe any particular race of people are NIGGERS. More or less, I felt what I say is my opinion and I will not be forced to be quiet about anything because when certain people say stuff about people or ethnic groups, the common thing I hear is " don't take it personally or it's someone opinion" but when I state something " Oh you should be careful with what you, Some people may get offended". It looks like there are double standards in here. Also stop being sensitive because some people in here do some wild things to be getting upset over a little blog.

welcome back me!!!

well i haven't blogged for a while but I'm back. well there has been so much drama in this place, but i wont say that Harlem live "brings all the drama", because people bring drama not the site.
i really love a lot of the people here, like Cele. when i went through some things with people Cele was a comfort with her words. i love Isis, and Adam and Laredo and chanella because they are so real but never let keeping it real be too real for the work place. (sorry for the mis-spelling of names.)
but altogether people have started to use the blogs to vent anger, happiness, and extra drama. and i guess that's why i haven't blogged in a while.
i really love everyone here like family. i don't think any one here should be sent home or fired for expressing themselves. i think everyone has more of a reason for being here than a paycheck. money doesn't mean any thing without people to be around.
if anybody from outside jumped in any ones face here i would help them because i love everyone here, it just sucks that everyone doesn't feel that way.

Maybe my mood has changed

One of my teammates said that she has a tape. Hopefully it is the one for the documentary. At this point I don't have much enthusiasm about it because I can barely find any pictures for the doc. Also I kind of tired of hearing people ask " Are you Colombian?" "Why are you concerned?". So I probably will dead it because I have more important things to do. Also it's funny that some people get so easily offended about certain things in blogs or call me crazy when they do some things that I wouldn't mind mentioning either. This is not directed to any particular person but sometime ago I was referred to as being stuck up because I had condemned eating "weed brownies". I don't know that certain behaviors such as this are apart of certain people's culture. I do live in Harlem but Harlem didn't raise me. I had a decent upbringing where the use of drugs and alcohol was not popular. Also with me not knowing all these ridiculous handshakes and stupid slang terms is a good thing because it shows that I had a parent and the hood didn't raise me. Also I believe some people in here is acting over sensitive because I really don't think my blogs are not that bad and some of the activities that some people indulge in they shouldn't even say nothing. Moreover, when they get in the real world they will hear worst. Again if I have a problem I will step to you because I don't need a crowd to back me up.


WoW!!! What a fuckn mornin......
I gu3ss this w33k3nd wasn't tht good 4alot of ppl in 1st Am3ndm3nt
2m3 it jus f33ls lik 3v3ry1 is jus v3nting frm whut happ3nd on Friday... thts all good but w3 all n33d 2knw n I thnk we do but w3 cnt win 3v3ythn n w3 shouldnt b sor3 los3rs... I'm not sayn w3 r but it did look tht way
3v3n tho I wantd 2l3av on friday also w3 should stil giv th3 oth3r t3ams th3
r3sp3ct th3y d3s3rv..... ya digg
I'm l3avn 3ith3r on Tu3s or W3dn. (T3ars) but its bn a v3ry good 3xp3ri3nc3 h3r3 at
Harl3m Liv3... I m3t ppl tht I only thght was possibl3 in Hollywood...
So it was xcitin' I lovd wrkn wit my t3am m3mb3rs, kickn it wit th3 NY folks up h3r3 (lol) but 4th3 most part I cnt wait 2 dip outta h3r3...
3v3n tho its bn cool th3r3 also has bn alot of drama wit in th3 t3am its3lf n thts not cool so som3 issu3s has 2b addr3ssd,
I'll do my b3st 2 k33p it nonchalant but if it com3s off off3nsiv l3t a gurl knw..... ya digg
Som3 thngs w3r3 said ov3r th3 w33k3nd tht I dndt lik n not only m3 but oth3rs h3r3 @ Harl3m Liv3 2...
I r3ad th3 blogs of 2of my t3am m3mb3rs n som3 of th3 shit shouldnt of bn said whut T3onica said bout th3 sit3 shouldnt hav bn blown
outta proportion lik tht, sh3 was jus xpr3ssn th3 way sh3 f3lt bout whut3va
M3 p3rsonally I dnt thnk it should hav bn put on th3 blog tht 3v3ry1 r3ads but whuts don3 is don3 it cnt b chngd... Sh3 was jus t3lln whut sh3 f3lt nsid3
If T3onica off3nd3d n31 of th3 donors tht r3ad th3 blogs thn I'm pr3tty sur3 sh3 srry but I cnt sp3ak 4h3r ya digg...
Now whut Lor3do said in his w33kend blog shockd th3 fuck outta m3... D3AD ASS S3RIOUS!!!!
Whut caught my att3ntion was th3 fact tht h3 was g3ttn on Dushawn bout dark skin n lit3 skin ppl thn turnd rit3 round wit th3 sam3 br3ath n said th3 sam3 shit basically I thght tht it was disr3sp3ctful 3sp3cially if u w3r3 th3 1 g3ttn on som31 3ls3 bout th3 whol3 situation... Th3 n3x thng tht caught my 3y3 was th3 fact tht h3 was sayn thngs lik "monk3ys" n "sluts" n "inn3r nigg3r" 2 post tht on a blog tht 3v3rybody n th3y mama can r3ad is so unappropriat3 thts jus my opinion but stil in all tht shit was not kool at all...
If h3 can xpr3ss hims3lf lik tht thn T3onica can do th3 sam3 damn thng p3riod... 2m3 its jus w3ird how a blog is 2xpr3ss urs3lf but thn whn thngs hit th3 fan n it st3ps on som3 to3s thn 3v3rybody is a susp3ct its
som3 bullshit if u ask m3 but again thts jus my opinion...
W3ll whut3va happ3ns I jus pray its 4 th3 b3tt3r n mayb in th3 futur3 Harl3m Liv3 can 3stablish som3 p3rsonal blogs wit 3ach t3am so tht thngs can b xpr3ssd witout it st3pn on to3s..... ya digg du3c3s shawtii

~1st Am3ndm3nt~ ~Chocolat3 Kiss~

SIgh... a lost

Well, Friday was a little different from another presentations we lost which is one thing that happen but then things started to get a little hectic maybe it was because of the fact we got paid and I'm pretty sure people wanted to go shopping. For, me i was mad because i forgot my pin first yes i forgot it most of you who will read this will probably call me an idiot for it but i forgot it happens....i think. so here's how it happen i come to Harlem at 12 happy because i was gonna buy what i wanted. It didn't turn out that way  my pin wasn't verified or something so for like 4 hours of humiliation i couldn't get any money. so i call the company and change my pin but i still had the same problem. after our lost i go to another bank and guess what...? still no money I'm there waiting like an idiot for like an idiot to find out i was locked out from atm's for 24 hours. what a friggin day. as for our loss i think our presentation was above and beyond the standards but we digressed off the topic which messed it up for us. it okay though we hold a 2 week streak plus HL Flow really needed it. it wasn't looking good for them being that they never won until that week lol but this week hopefully we will win for the last practice presentations. congrats to the other team for their win they probably really worked for it i dont know if they did or if they did but good for them.

P 3 A N U T

sonq ov dha daii: diisturbiia-riihanna

damn ii reallii miissed iit !!

iim not to0 shure on wat happend but iim tiight ii miised iit...
wateva dha case iima support mah team mates 100%
cuz dhat how we roll..LoOoLz
&&*. we NOT losiin NO members so everybodii can juss toss dhat out dha wiindow
keep ya posted wen ii qet more iinfo
untiil next tiime

daciia wass qud wiff dhat liil comment..hmmm ??


he so fine && all mine!!!


D a c ii A

Anthony shut up!!
To let it bhe known First Amendment aint no BLOG GANGSTA or PLAYAHATERS.
We lost yeah, and we were mad but we got over.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I will be glad when this experiment is over and I go back to school because someone misplaced one of the tapes that contained an interview with this guy for my documentary. I am really pissed at this moment because I took time to come on a Sunday to look for this tape and not only the tape is missing but the case as well. I really don't care to be here anymore because I had spent time doing research and finding people to interview and now it is all down the drain because of some careless people. I really didn't want to work here during the summer and the reason I decided because I thought I would have still been editor & chief but to find out persons in that position only count up fucking points. What the fuck? All the enthusiasm I had about this experience has went down the damn drain. I could have spent two weeks in Mexico this summer and had a better experience then being in this tired place. Also it makes me feel even worst because I had to put up with certain people attitudes with out taking a bottle and mashing it on their fuckin head. I will be glad when I get my school stuff straightened out so I can leave because at this point I highly doubt that I will be staying for the last week unless something change tomorrow for the better. Moreover some people in here act so god damn ghetto. How some of these people act it make me want to put a " invisible garbage bag" over my entire body due to the embarrassment of being apart the same RACE as they are.

It's T E E I L Y...silly

Weekend Blog: Extra Points

So as everyone knows F.A lost on Friday. It's no biggie to me, I mean we've won twice in a row so let's just share the WINNING LIFE. And the staff needs to realize that F.A aren't "SORE LOSERS" we tried to exit HARLEM LIVE because it was past 7:45 pm and we needed to go shopping. I mean after all we aren't even suppose to be in HARLEM LIVE past 7:00 so be serious. And than people have the nerve to call us a "HOT GHETTO MESS" like please... be serious. Grown ass people disrespecting teenagers like they amuse me.
Funny how the judges never went inside while they were discussing the winners but on Friay they did and what was the outcome...F.A loses. It's a big joke to me. I'm pretty much done stressing myself for this job. In my eyes we are being pushed so hard because at the end of the day that website makes HARLEM LIVE look better. SMH.

To my fellow F.A brothers/sisters please note that after our lost on Friday that we are still winners!
i LOVE you all

D a c ii A.

well..congrats to Harlem Flow.
finnaly yall win somthinq.
BUT jazz did not start in a church & hip hop did not come from Africa.
They were good [but i do think we were just or even better as them]
[Not Hatinq]
I truli think certain people [or staff] are tryinq to bring us down.
We are a serouis threat.
[One] Sumone put the pic of rich in our presentation.[It just so happen it had to be ours.]
[& Two] Our video had gotten deleted before our presentation.
[& Three] Certain people are being HARASSED by the staff members.
we will never be a AMBUSH or a FLOW.
we are a FIRST AMENDMENT. period.
we ARE organized & dhu no wats goinq on in our group.
AND we make sure our facts are acurate.
prepare to be blown away with out FINALVIDEO.
[oh! and shouts to mathew. I KNO HOW TO DHU FINAL CUT NOW!!]
we may not have won dhis week but we are steppinq our game up DEFINATLY.
we may bhe a target but dhat makes ur stronger.
and wen we all become famous stars, and bhe on the grammy's & stuff just kno dhat to all dhe people that doubt us & brinq us down YALL GETS NO SHOUTS OUTS!! [maybhe ambush.]

song of my day [hero-nas]
Ooo. PS- me & shay stepped wif McDuffie on dhe track!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let this be known...

Yesterday was not that good for me. I really think our presentation was the most interesting out of any presentation. I think we didn't win because the certain individuals didn't understand us. One of the statements regarding our team was"we didn't look organized because all our team members was participating in different places. They thought Charisma was playing around." If they actually took notice of the limited space that speakers have that then they shouldn't critize. Hell it's a health hazard when four people stand in that small space. Also some people say that we didn't have enough content but at least our content was true.Second I really think that picture of Richard still influence their opinion about our presentation. I don't care what anyone says. Also regarding that trip to the movies, most of y'all don't know but some people from HL went to the movies on Tuesday. Some people were acting extremely ghetto and I sat on the other side of the train. To let it be known when one person acts monkeyish that represents the whole group and I will be damned if that represents me because it don't.Moreover, when certain individuals where showcasing their immaturity, they had the whole train's attention. Second I didn't mean for my seating arrangements to offend anybody and it would have been better off to ask me why I did it instead of showing your inner-nigger. I feel if somenoe has a problem they should go straight to the person instead of bringing other people into it because they are "a weak dirty pad" and can't handle their own beef. Some people in here need to get counseling so they can properly manage their own stress instead of venting out on people with out any reason because if that occurs again someone is going to walk away with their feeling's hurt or a sore head from being hit with something. Also if someone say something about Americans again to offend me I'm going to rip on their ass because niggas up in here act as if it's alright because they are not American or they are cool with the person and I don't want to hear that shit about me being spanish or having a spanish name because I was born to an American women and I respect and I am proud of all sectors of my heritage whether it's my Black-American heritage or my Cherokee native american heritage. I'm not going to keep staying here while nasty disease carrying monkey sluts disrespect or discriminate against me because of my heritage. HELL NO. I will be glad when these damn weeks or up and I'm begin school.


Well today's Saturday which means relaxation-day. Ohh wee. Im so tired. What will I do though after I get up?? Well, I dont know. Oh yeah, I also hope that my team's presentation goes well next Friday's presentation.. (Sigh) We lost this one. Congrats's HarlemLive Flow. You guys did your thing. But hey, that doesnt mean that we wont take it this upcoming Friday.. (I hope)>>LOlz<<

Shout Outz:: FIRST AMENDMENT>> I luv u guyz.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tyvon's blog

august 1 2008
i am so tight right now because we worked reaaly hard on our presentation and they actually gave it to hl flo. We felt that we did an excellent job on our presentation and it was the most creative presentation which is why we should have won. even though we didnt win i want to congragulate hl flo because im not a hater like they were when we won.

It's T E E I L Y...silly

REAL QUiCK: HARLEM LIVE FLOW gets on my nerves =/

It's T E E I L Y...silly

REAL QUiCK: HARLEM LIVE FLOW gets on my nerves =/
Today, I present. I guess I have no idea what I'm going to do or say. OMG what do I do??
IM GOING have to see what I have to presnet.

>> P 3 A n U T <<


well todaii iis u noe wat dat means...
&&*. hopefullii we'll once aqaiin take dha GOLD
[[ omq wiiff diis poiint system
seems liike dey make em up as we go alonq..
but wateva ]]
not too confiident about our presentatiion but we diid our best

*hiit me on mah siide kiick..LoOoLz..more liike mah enV
tiill next tiime


idk if were gunna win.
we dun have no video exept the one that i made just now.
well im a lill upset cuz i messed up my nails.
n e ways im a lil nervous for my team.
flow n ambush r steppinq up but its okai.

It's T E E I L Y...silly

(yawns) Yes dear, it is I, T E E I L Y.
Thy Bad Uno. what else iiSSz new?
I mean what can I say; TODAY iiS FriDay and F.A.
Is winning again...once again. But yet and still.
Today should be a good day, it isn't hot today and.
My outfit allows breeze to access me BODY =D.
Yesterday was crazy yo, like last night I dead ass cried.
Well I ain't cry but I teared; but I am T E E I L Y.
Risma is cool at the end of the day. She's definitely a friend.
I am currently hungry and I should solve that problem.

I'm kind of happy because COCO just informed us that we are going to Mars.
I'm not prepared but hey..WE OUT TO MARS!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tyvon's blog

july 31 2008
today was a pretty good day even though me and two other teammates went out to get some footage of some street performers or any kind of music for our presentation but we had no type of success. we walked around to so many place but it was either we had to pay or we just couldnt find any music. its okay though because we won the last two presentations without a video and i think that we will do just fine this time.

AnOtHeR bAd DaY :-(

Today I came in soooooooo freaking tired it was ridiculous. Once again I didn't feel like being bothered once again. AND THEN TO TOP MY FREAKING DAY OFF I missed my freaking "Flatbush Boo" call again and I was sitting right freaking there. OMG I was so freaking mad. I hope he calls again and I actually have a chance to speak with him. URGGGGG. It's all good. Long as I know I'm on his mind when I'm countries away for him. Awwwww. Anyway as far as the team I HOPE WE FREAKING ROCK THE SHOW AND WIN THE PRESENTATION TOMORROW. And I want to give a shout out to all the people from BROOKLYNNNNN.


It's T E E I L Y...silly

So Harlem Live Flow have better blogs than us on the HL SPOTLIGHT blog. 
they are the video people =D

D a C I A

Today so far was pretty cool.
I came in late.
[had to get a story at my school.]
n e ways the team was all out on stories.
I just came back from lunch.
Charisma missed sherwin's call && Teonica ran from a cute boy who SHE wanted to baq.
I love them though!!!!
That was funny!
N e ways maybhe tomorow shell WEN WE GO TO MCDONALDS someone will tlk to them.
[teonica] cough. lol.
n e ways...dhats all foh now.

It's T E E I L Y...silly

Note To Self; Stick to your signature color... pink.

Yesterday was really CRAZY; Dacia told me she love me and I kind of was nervous to tell her I LOVE HER BACK. But I thought to myself like well if I love her and she loves me we should just EACH OTHER and boy do I love me some DACIA. (bursts out in laughter)

Today was live. We went to Burger King and Risma missed SOMEONE's call. TSssk TSssk. I felt her pain, we all cried together. She was really emotional about the whole thing and I had to be a good friend and let her know T E E I L Y was here for her. 

When I was coming downstairs Aaliyah told me she was leaving and I was 80 tight because today was the day she was suppose to record my lovely scores..LOL.. but everyone needs a break once and a while RIGHT? 

Chocolat3 Kiss 7/31/08

Whn I came in most of the team were out on stories, I guess... Dnt kill me Rich lol I'm gettn on top of it... I knew tht Tyvon, Michael n Frankie were tryna get music 4 our presentation so I hop3 their out doin tht n dnt tak3 all day wit tht so they can come back n edit somethn 4 our video presentation.
Our slide show presentation is off the chain. In my opinion. So let's c if we win this time. I'm crossn my fingers hella hard ya digg....
But 4 now I need 2do my memoirs n send my stories 2my email editors n type my poem.... dueces shawtii

~1st Amendment~ ~Chocolat3 Kiss~

Coming out on top

For two consecutive weeks First Amendment has won first place in the presentations, can this be just mere luck? I think not. I feel that as a group we have grown to understand each other and how to motivate each other with the minimal amount of divergence. WE are nearing the end of the program and as of now First Amendment is at the top with the most points. Hopefully we can win once again tomorrow night and be one step closer to complete victory.


Today, I have an interview with Apple . Hope everything goes good. Im a little nervous though.. Today, I hope everybody would go outside on a story. If everybody does a little something, it could get done. Just hoping for the best.

>> P 3 A n U T <<

FiiRST AMENDMENT'SZX song ov dha daii: >Get SiiLLy- V i C<

so iidk wat we doiin todaii but ii noe iit'll be fun..ii guess

so tomorrow'szx friidaii..whiich meenszx dat FiiRST AMENDMENT wiill most liikely take da GOLD be on dha look out 4or diis one

keep ya posted..
untiill next tiime



Yesterday really wasn't my day. I came to work with an attitude and I didn't feel like being bothered and I let everybody know that soon as I got in. And what got me more tight is that people started feening and that got me even more tight. Towards my off time I was feeling a little bit better but I still wasn't in the mood. I was mad hype that the TOP 10 was suppose to go bowling free of charge so to kill time I had went back to BROOKLYN and chilled with my homie and then I came back to Harlem LIve around 9 because that the time they was suppose to be leaving. And to top that all off we didn't even go freaking bowling. I was so freaking mad. I came all the way back to bum ass harlem for absolutely no reason. OMG. When I went back home I was soooo tired and on my walk home from the train I bumped into mad heads I knew at the same time. That was mad weird but. Yeah for now thats it. I THINK.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


courage gives you the strength to all weakenesses
courage gives you a very postive look out on life
courage gives you the strength to move on when you dont know how too
courage what you have when someone tries to bring you down
courage is like a big strength you have to have it in order to live life

POST - IT!! -by A-Rod

Well I hope today was a very productive day because I went out on a story 2 cover 4 Harlem Flow. I found out that they have their differences like my team does but they eventually work it out. Anyway, I think that my team has been doin' good lately. >>Thankz 2 I'sis -n- I<< I luv my team though.. I really do. Even though it think they're all crazy. Lolz Till next time.


P 3 A n U T

me &&*. alfredo went on an interview earlier
it was real enlightenin and i learned alot about columbia and wats goin on over dere
still feelin da same way i did earlier but now its wateva
im comin in 2morw and &&*. dat should be a new day
> P3AnUT < 


I had fun today. i was bugging out with everyone. Charisma McDuffie has no type of butt ever. But other wise everythinq else was cool today. I learned how to use final cut pro today but with chris & dacia's help. I really didnt do anything today. Today was a very relaxing day for me. It was also a very specail day for me.

It's T E E I L Y...silly

SMH; they say NEVER COUNT YOUR EGGS BEFORE THEY HATCH.. lesson learned. 
My business owner made it her business not to do the interview. Why didn't she say that in the first place. "SmFH".

I ODEE love F.A, like as a team people may think whatever they think about us but I think time is wasted because we ALWAYS settle any conflict/disagreements within the group. At the end of the day as long as we have PEACE  that's all that really matters. Today we had a meeting and it freaking ROCKED!! Everyone knows what their going to do and WHEN it's due.. how lovely?

Quote of the day: love all before you love yourself- T E E I L Y

The end is near

Hey everyone, our days is almost near. I see that we only have six more days to work here. I hope I have my documentary done before it's all over with. If not I will still hopefully have it done before I leave here. That will be one of the projects that I will truly be proud of because the issue is not observed in the media and I had to fine the subjects on my own. I wish I could interview a politician but if I can't I will still try to make it great.

Chocolat3 Kiss 7/30/08

2day is quit3 hilarious... W3 had a t3am m33tn 2assign our t3am m3mb3rs th3 r3st of th3 stori3s tht w3 n33d publishd so w3 can 3v3rythng up 2 dat3 n g3t th3 t3am on point... It r3ally wasnt tht hard 2 com3 up wit th3s3 stori3s but it s33md tht w3 w3r3 makn it hard3r thn it r3ally was so dumb of us but w3 on point so its all gravy babii...
My co-l3ad3r is out on a story wit anoth3r t3am so h3 g3ts points 4tht yay!!! cuz it s33ms lik h3 do3snt g3t his points 2g3th3r lik h3 should so im on his ass alng wit th3 r3st of th3 t3am on g3ttn th3ir points n blogs 2g3th3r..
As 4m3 I'm writin my stori3s, m3m3oirs n blogs 2 rack up my points so im g3ttn tht don3 2day so 4now.... du3c3s shawty...

~1st Am3ndm3nt~ ~Chocolat3 Kiss~

It's T E E I L Y...silly

Two Stories in the process; yes storie(s) with an "S" meaning more than one. And someone here keep BLOWING MINE like I don't nothing for my team. It's really not fair yo. Like you have people who go on stories and come back with the same stuff they left with... NOTHING.

The only who notice my hard working is Is'is.  And she even said SHE LOVES ME...kaa-boom.
Yo I don't even have anything to say; SHAFONDA took the words out my mouth in her blog. NUFF SAiD.

> P 3 A n U T <

currently >> a n n o y e d <<
                smfh to dha max...

honestly iim qettiin a liil annoyed wiiff diis whole 'competiitiion' thiinq
iits liike everybodii dun have no type of faiith iin FiiRST AMENDMENT &&*. treat us liike we retarded or sum shiit..
we juss as smart iif not SMARTER den half dese mutha fuckas iin here so
stop doubtiin us &&*. giive us dha fuckiinq respect we deserve !!

obviiously we doiinq sumpthiin rii 4or us to keep wiiniinq dese qroup challenqes every friiday..
can yuh beliieve we hafta hear everybodii'szx mouf about every siinqle thiinq every tiime ov dha day ???
iit'szx liike juss wen we walk throuqh dha door "blahblahblahblah"
DAYUM !! shut dha fuck up alreadii &&*. let us do us...
once aqaiin we dha bad guyszx
&&*. dun think we dun feel dat biitchassness goiin around..seems liike everybodii &&*. dey mom'szx caught dat shiit..[smh]
..i hope ya qet well soon..
iim done wiiff diis shiit today..
hiit me on mah siidekiick..LoOoLz..more liike mah enV
untiill next tiime


Our Quote of the Summa:: ..chiill daddii...we qot diis..



oh yeah.
Friday we won[of course.]
&& monday i did anothah story.
i had a story in co-op but i ghot deaded. but i had a back-up i parchestah
it was kewl.
we locked francheskah in a staitway dhen booked it on hah.
omgee. && frankie is sooo stupid!!
ilovehim though.


yestahdai was a pretty kewl day.
Bad thinq is we lost ALOT our music material which we needed fohthis presentation.
we went to 42nd street && tried to find sum musik but it didnt worq out.
Rish keep botherinq us about writnq our storeis but im not streesinq it.
Our grouphaves its ups && diwns bhut erthinq is all good.
isis is leavinq soon [sad]
I wondha who our leadah is gone bhe.
well. dhats all foh now.