Saturday, August 16, 2008

P 3 A N U T's F A R E W E L L


Looks like our summer here at [ AYeCh EL ] is official over..
HarlemLIVE was most definitely the place to be this summer & if i could rewind this summer & do it again i would.
All the arguments, competitiveness, victories, loses, & team work here were well worth it in my book; it only makes you a stronger person in the end.
I will be leaving here with more knowledge, charisma, and public speaking skills than i came in with.

First Amendment..smh..what can i say about First Amendment ??
We did it baby !!
&& even though we didn't win the war, the [liddo] battles that we did win were amazing !!
This is by far thee most creative team here and i am so happy to have worked with you all.

Isis, Dacia, Alfredo, Shaquoya, Adam, Tyvon, Frankie, Michael, Charisma, Teonica, & Day-Day..i can honestly say it was a pleasure to have met and worked with all of guys friggin' rock & i'll never forget you..[unless of course i get hit on the head & catch amnesia..but what are the odds of that ??] >Love..Peace & Dance to you all<

To Selly, Shem, Rich, Kareem, Chris, Waarith, & everyone else..i thank you for investing your time in guys are pretty darn can pat yourselves on the back now..[no one's looking] :)

special shout outs to:
Ambush && guys are cool to0..& competition wouldn't be competition without you guys..
&& rumor has it that i might even come back during the school year..hmmm..we'll see..

" Goodnight..Goodnight..Parting is such sweet sorrow..that i shall say goodnight, 'till it be 'morrow"
-Romeo & Juilet

..and with that i bid you all a goodnight..
-P3ANUT aka Shafonda
keep in touch with my aim [ayo0peanut]

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